A cloud application designed specifically for the mobile age. This application uses smartphones, and their geolocation capabilities to track and manage students and their attendance in universities. The flagship feature of our application is the live analytics we can provide on student engagement.

Remove the distraction by integrating it

It seems like students are always glued to their phones, and telling them to put it away is becoming more of a distraction in lectures. Get Attendance utilizes the technology present in classrooms to help students understand how to deal with their distractions. Phones become the learning utensil as students see data of how attentive they are through live polls.

Optimized for professors and cost effective for students

The capabilities of this application range from student engagement to quiz or exam generation, multi-class analytics, and school security & safety through GPS.

GetAttendance can be scaled from tracking 1-2 classrooms to an entire university for a fraction of the price. This application uses one-time student geolocation data to check students and their devices into a classrooms. This helps educators begin their lectures without taking roll call.

Educators can choose response questions from a question bank to be answered by everyone in class. This happens live and both the student and educator can see the results.

SaaS and PaaS cloud application

This application was designed to run in the cloud. GetAttendance will always be free and open for educators. For universities and schools, this product is offered on numerous platforms. Implementation and integration with current platforms like Moodle is simple. We offer a one click launch solution on the Amazon cloud. Our administrative dashboard and support plugins let universities and schools control their own data.

The Attend Suite

Check out Attend at getattendance.com to experiment with our suite of multi-purpose tools for educators and presenters.

For any questions reach out to contact@considercode.com, or follow and direct message one of our social media accounts, @considercode (Li, Fb, and Tw) or @considercodellc (Ig).


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