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Today we are excited to launch React!

The brand new Customer Feedback System (CFS) monitors customer experience across multiple points of one retail location or multiple store locations. We have been working with educators daily to build Attend, which engages students and monitors comprehension. However, we have simultaneously been sourcing pieces to build a this parallel platform for engaging and monitoring customer experience. The retail industry relies heavily on customer experience so pinpointing exactly how your customers feel in your store is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Stores have begun to put physical buttons by the entrance of their stores to track this exact emotional spectrum.

We decided to keep it straightforward with color coded emojis ranging from happy to sad.

Customers Want to Be Heard

Your customers are already on screens. Why not prompt them to answer a few questions? If there’s no screen in store, then users can connect and create individual feedback via their smartphones. Also, you can reach out to and ask about financing an iPad for your store. Digitizing this data is crucial in promoting and improving the customer experience process. With this data consistently being tracked, customers can let you know whenever they have a good or bad experience in one of your stores. Retail and local stores benefit from the ability to track customer feelings in their store locations across time. With our new comparative analytics platform we can log and archive customer experiences across stores.

Attend Feedback is Just Getting Started

Future updates will bring depth to the comparative analytics on the headquarters dashboard, while expanding the capabilities of the individual store dashboards. For the user interface we have a stacking question architecture in development at the moment, which will allow stores to hold onto users who are willing to answer. This means two to three questions being attached to each emotion, so you can get to the heart of the problem or frustration that the customer is having. With a new product line open for use and development we are looking forward to seeing what we can do for the retail industry.

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The Attend Suite

Check out Attend at to experiment with our suite of multi-purpose tools for educators and presenters.

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