Attend Pilot Test Spring Semester 2019

This spring semester, we have been conducting Attend pilot tests with educators and students at Temple University to prove Attend’s scaling capabilities. Below is a clip from our most recent Attend pilot with Professor Athanasia Polychronopoulou’s class of 150 College of Science and Technology students.

A Chance to Give Back

Our secondary goal was to focus on how blended learning is actually affecting the communities in those classrooms. Large lectures today can sometimes be a silent slideshow where a brave student or two repeatedly break the silence. During our pilot process we have observed that implementing phone polling can make students focus on their phones in the correct way, creating an engaged buzz between classmates.
Kavun and Jack answering questions while students connected to the demo.
Kavun and Jack answering questions while students connected.
Last semester we were invited to Professor Athanasia Polychronopoulou’s class to guest lecture and pilot test with her class of CST students for the first time. Thankfully she invited us back this spring to continue this process.  With her support we have now given over 300 students a road map of the university and local resources that we have used to start our company. Not all students in the college of science and technology want to be entrepreneurs but answering the questions of the excited few is always worth it.
Students from the College of Science and Technology at Temple University
Students from the College of Science and Technology at Temple University.
Each student interaction and participation is logged through Attend for future student success and course improvement. With Attend we strive to bridge data communication gaps within the education process.


Attend’s Progress

With this semester almost behind us, we are excited to announce that there will be a new Attend update and a white paper with all of our pilot results coming soon. We also want to extend our gratitude to Professor Polychronopoulou and her students who continues to work with us to make this possible.
Kavun and Jack conducting a poll with word globe analytics displayed
Kavun and Jack conducting a poll with word globe analytics displayed.
This large lecture pilot successfully utilized Attend without spikes above 1.01% in CPU utilization.


The Attend Suite

Check out Attend at to experiment with our suite of multi-purpose tools for educators and presenters.

For any questions reach out to, or follow and direct message one of our social media accounts, @considercode (Li, Fb, and Tw) or @considercodellc (Ig).


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