Attend Pilot Tests Spring Semester 2019

For the past two semesters, we have conducted rounds of quality assurance tests with the help of Professor Robert Spielberger at Temple University. Below is a clip from one of the six Attend pilots, hosted by Professor Spielberger and his class of 20 quality assurance students this semester.
Beyond pilot tests and quality assurance, Professor Spielberger has been one of our greatest faculty advisers. He has built up our product backlog full of helpful observations and tips, and we have also received the assistance of his quality assurance students for a few classes and labs. Professor Spielberger used Attend and other applications to instruct his students about types of tests such as connectivity, exploratory, and graphical user interface (GUI) tests.

Across three classes and three labs this semester, his students debugged and improved the overall quality of Attend’s functionality and user experience. Soon, we will release a product update and a white paper detailing all of the pilot tests from this semester.

Thankfully, Professor Spielberger continues to support us and has also connected us with other educators, as well as Eggplant, a testing automation company.


The Attend Suite

Check out Attend at to experiment with our suite of multi-purpose tools for educators and presenters.

For any questions reach out to, or follow and direct message one of our social media accounts, @considercode (Li, Fb, and Tw) or @considercodellc (Ig).


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