The Attend Suite White Paper

Attend has gone through many iterations of user interface as well as user experience. We published this white paper to document and communicate our Attend pilot program results over the last three years.

2017 Overview

Development on this venture began in 2017 with a student professional organization. The Temple University chapter of the Association for Information Systems needed to prove attendance for over 100 people per meeting. This initial iteration of Attend, was called GetAttendance, and started out heavily focused on scheduling classes and providing accurate geolocation. AIS used GetAttendance to help the students prove their attendance in order to receive professional development credit. To launch the 2017 pilot program, 4 trials were recorded at the initial meetings to prove the CPU utilization of GetAttendance’s geolocation capabilities. The 2017 pilot program was one educator on one server automating the attendance of up to 500 students.

Our 2017 pilot program peaked at 4.6% CPU utilization.

2018 Overview

In 2018, a cherry re-brand was launched for our initial on-boarding with Temple University educators. With the geolocation attendance feature complete, GetAttendance was put on the back burner to develop Attend. In this pilot program Attend, would now focus on capturing student responses via smartphone. This began by giving educators personal sub-domains and individual servers to act as their own digital classroom and polling center. The 2018 pilot program was mostly individual educators on individual servers. However, two experimental servers were launched with multiple educator accounts, one for the Paley library, and one for our quality assurance team. After on-boarding 25 educators across the Philadelphia area, we recorded the CPU utilization during 15 of their trials in 2018. The results forced a slight server re-structure.

The results showed that one educator did not need their own server. One instance of Attend on a micro-server could host 3 educators safely and the largest server available was capable of efficiently running the software, while hosting 60,000 simultaneous educator connections. Our two experimental servers proved that the micro-servers with a safe minimum of 3 connected educators could also host a maximum of 15 educators. 2018 proved we could simultaneously balance an incredible number of active educators on our platform.

Our 2018 pilot program peaked at 2.5% CPU utilization.


2019 Overview

With a sleek, properly scaled, application, 2019 was set up to be the largest Attend pilot program yet. This program was entirely on one server, hosting many educators and students. Attend also went through another slight re-brand to a more neutral and universal blend of colors. With a new hue of opportunities Attend had over 300 users in 2019 with 20 recorded trials across 4 departments at Temple University. These departments were crucial in terms of testing a range of class sizes for student load balancing. Attend was used in a small group class of 17 students, a medium lecture of 70 students, and a larger lecture of 150 students. 2019 proved we could balance an incredible amount of students on our newest version of Attend.

Our 2019 pilot program peaked at 1.01% CPU Utilization.

The past three years of pilot programs across six semesters and multiple universities have yielded valuable information about the capability and practicality of the Attend Suite. Beyond proving educator and student load balancing, the app has brought actual joy and energy into larger lectures that might normally rely on one or two students who break the silence. The product metrics proved the platform is successful, and our trials proved user enjoyment. Check out the Attend pilot program white paper here.

The Attend Suite

Check out Attend at to experiment with our suite of multi-purpose tools for educators and presenters.

Click the image to try the Attend Demo!
Click the image to try the Attend Demo!

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