About ConsiderCode LLC

Creating a New Classroom

ConsiderCode was founded in January of 2014 to develop education and entertainment software. Education became our main focus when the Temple University chapter of the Association for Information Systems reached out inquiring about an attendance software. Now ConsiderCode is working with educators across several departments at Temple to further develop software solutions that solve data challenges in higher education. Our software is utilized and accessible across all devices and browsers. Through six rounds of pilot testing across three years of development Attend has been positioned to make a cost effective difference in the EdTech industry. While the Attend Suite is currently our main developmental focus, ConsiderCode will continue to acts as a root directory for publishing real-time applications to stores around the world.

"We at ConsiderCode believe in creativity. All of our applications and products start off as experiments that challenge our knowledge of programming. By expanding on those projects we've been able to create beautiful applications that solve problems around the world."

- Kavun Nuggihalli (Founder/CTO)