Kavun Nuggihalli

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The founder of ConsiderCode, Kavun created and launched the company. He is responsible for the growth of the organization as well as raising funding, establishing partnerships, managing development of key products and raising shareholder value.

Stephen Jeffers

Director of Business Development

Stephen was tasked with managing the CRM, market research, and sales team. Since joining the team, he has managed human resources and business development. He operates as the contact point for consumers while finding talent for the ConsiderCode team.

Jack Morgan

Director Of Operations

Jack has managed the quality assurance of Attend, aided in pilots, curated articles for SEO, managed relationships with key customers and coordinated in support efforts. He wears multiple hats and maintains operations at ConsiderCode.

"ConsiderCode believes in creativity. We've been able to create beautiful applications that solve problems around the world."


ConsiderCode was founded to create reliable software applications that can collect, organize and present data in real-time. Currently we are building out our Attend user feedback suite. Our software applications have been downloaded and used across the world.

Awards & Achievements

Selected from 330 applicants for Blackstone LaunchPad & TechStars' Fellowship. Awarded $5,000 in grant funding. (2020)
Sponsored by Goldman Sachs and featured in Philadelphia Startup Leader’s Entrepreneur Expo (2019)
Awarded “Most Promising University Company” by Morgan Lewis LLP and Nth Round at the Angle Venture Fair (2019)
Featured company in the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology’s (PACT) capital conference (2018 & 2019)
Placed 2nd in the 20th annual Be Your Own Boss Bowl (Shark Tank style competition). Winning a total of $20,000 in seed funding (2018 & 2019)
Graduated from the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute’s (IEI) summer startup accelerator (2018 & 2020)