Brain Games

Multiplayer games that make learning, studying and educating fun


Play games and learn with your friends, study group or class. Players can answer on their own devices while challenging peers on the leader board.


Find subjects, courses and content to learn based on your network. Follow creators and give feedback on learning objectives.


Brain Games has an advanced game editor where you can create question, organize with drag-and-drop, and publish under a category.

Mobile First

Game Editor

Create a fun and engaging game in minutes. The number of questions, order, and question type is up to you. With drag-and-drop, touch based gestures, and a clean interface you can express your knowledge on screen.


Leader Board

Infusing gameplay and leveraging competitiveness not only makes your corporate training more dynamic it can also significantly increase learner engagement too. The rewards can be very satisfying and intensely motivating.



Brain Games allows employees to work towards real-time, measurable, meaningful targets, and get upper-level feedback as those targets are achieved. Co-workers, peers and friends can give you the boost you need to keep learning!

About us


ConsiderCode was founded to create reliable software applications that can collect, organize and present data in real-time. Currently we are building out our Brain Games user feedback suite. Our software applications have been downloaded and used across the world.