An early-alert system that uses IOT cameras on power lines and tree tops that take pictures of the skyline and predict wildfires. ECOVISION AI which will check for smoke, sparks, and hazards to predict wildfires, alert local authorities and prevent extensive damage.

1) Setup Camera

All of our cameras are IOT enabled and 5G optimized. With a tough exterior, you can rest easy knowing that it is weather safe.

2) Turn on EcoVision

EcoVision is our patented AI cloud solution. Get a license key for the API and browse the documentation to setup your camera network.

3) Relax

The EcoVision 5G camera network will be a 24/7 monitor of the environment. You will be alerted if any hazards are detcted.

End to End Grid Protection

IOT Cameras
For the Grid

Our solution is to work with IOT manufactures and Internet Service Providers (ISP) to build a network of 5G optimized cameras that sit on powerlines, treetops and wildland/urban interface (WUI) housing and property. These cameras will take pictures of the environment every minute and send the images to ECOVISION in the cloud.

Reliable Early Alert System

5G Optimized
Network AI

ECOVISION will analyze these pictures and determine if there are hazards in the area like smoke, sparks, fire, dry foliage, cigarettes or flammable disposables. The AI will then use the 5G network to alert authorities via phone and text with geolocation coordinates of the hazard.

Cloud Based API Solution

Deep Learning
Computer Vision

This early-alert system will prevent extensive damage, death and property loss across fire prone areas. Eventually, ECOVISION can be trained to predict flooding or other natural disasters.

ConsiderCode is building EcoVision

As a cutting edge sofware company, we believe it is our responsability to work on and build EcoVision to protect homes, people, animals and environment. Find out what our company does and how to get involved.

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