AI Computer Vision

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision software matching users to cosmetics


Utalize our programing interface to build your own cosmetic expierence with your brands

Cosmetic Expierence

Explore a vast selection of carefully database of cosmetics organized by your skin tone

Provide a Selfie

Finding a

Has finding your perfect foundation shade been a nightmarish, lifelong search filled with words like “undertone” and “matte finish?” It’s only become more complex in a post-covid world where we can’t just go into our local beauty store and sample until we find one we don’t entirely hate.

Dominant Skin Tone

AI Analysis

Most of us have no clue whether we’re “neutral” or “warm” and don’t even know what those words mean. Why can’t there be some easy formula to make things simple?! Well? We made one. And here it is.


Your Foundation

We isolate your palette then match you with all the products in our database.